Honest Dog Food from Austin, TX

Never a Compromise on Quality

We want your dogs to thrive not just survive
Millies Wolfheart only sells completely Gluten and Grain Free dog food products and we specifically exclude Chicken and Eggs from all of our recipes. We have spent a considerable amount of time formulating the ingredients which have been individually researched. Our recipes contain mainly meat, fish, and poultry(all named) proteins which are complete proteins and are far more digestible for dogs than plant derived proteins. We have worked directly with leading nutritionists to ensure our food will help your dog live a healthy and happy life.

Ethically Sourced U.S. Ingredients

Natural ingredients which are ethically sourced in the U.S. are used in Millies Wolfheart and we are wholly committed to keeping it that way.

All Millies recipes are formulated without:

Gluten, Grain, Corn, Rice, Eggs, Chicken, Beet Pulp, Artificial Colors or Synthetic Preservatives.

Quality, Complete Dog Food

Inferior food in the name of profit will not do
At Millies Wolfheart our ultimate objective is to provide a quality, complete dog food range which is made from high quality ethically sourced ingredients. Our K9 friends have had to endure inferior food for far too long as the majority of dog food companies place profit above quality, but this will not do for us.

Be Very Quiet

Fifi is hunting
Even though Fifi the Chihuahua or Pug isn’t ever going to take down a Deer or an Elk, the modern dog still needs quality, complete meat proteins.

Dogs Don't Need Gluten

Gluten isn't added to dog food for the good of our pets
Gluten is a protein which is mainly found in wheat, and as wheat is commercially very cheap it is used to bulk out dog foods. As it also contains protein, the manufacturers can claim a higher crude protein content to make their food appear to be of a good nutritional value.
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