The Millies Mission

At Millies Wolfheart our ultimate objective is to provide a quality, complete dog food range which is made from high quality, ethically sourced, natural ingredients. Our K9 friends have had to endure inferior food for far too long as the majority of dog food companies place profit above quality, but this will not do for us.

Millies Wolfheart is a small family run business which was established in 2011 and founded in the Yorkshire Dales of England by Mark and June Milner. Here in the US we call Austin, TX home and the company is operated by daughter, Claire Milner. We uphold the same quality without compromise standards here in the US that we are widely known for in the UK.

After over 20 years of owning large breed working dogs, with delicate tummies, and testing the majority of complete foods in the market place without much success, Millies Wolfheart was created with a great emphasis on producing a range of healthy and completely gluten and grain free dog foods.

While Mark ran a successful business in finance and June was a university lecturer with a nutritional degree background, they discovered throughout their research that most dog food products available contained a high proportion of plant proteins and/or did not specify the protein source. Overall, they also had very little in the way of quality meat/fish/poultry ingredients. After researching ingredients and their benefits for a few years, they launched Millies first recipe in September of 2012 and subsequently began testing Millies food on their 6 dogs and also working with other dog owners to tweak the recipe over the following months. It soon became apparent that no one dog food is suitable for all dogs. Subsequently, they went several steps further and began to produce a wide range of bespoke recipes that meet Millies Wolfhearts high standards and requirements, knowing as their range increased there would be more and more happy dog owners.

We at Millies feel it is important not only to know our ingredients but to understand them and what impact those ingredients have on dogs. Which is why we are very particular on what goes into our recipes.

While more emphasis is now being made as to the quality of protein used in dog foods, which is great news for our four-legged friends, an understanding of how much should be used is still in its infancy. With that being said, our research is building quite rapidly and this has allowed us to grow our range at a brisk pace.

Millies believes that while protein content is extremely important, its source is the key. Here at Millies we do not use chicken or eggs in any of our recipes. We feel that both of these ingredients are steadily becoming an intolerance issue for many dogs and unfortunately for the dogs, chicken is used in almost all other dog foods in one form or another and this has to change. Being as chicken is cheaper to use than potato in dog food it’s no wonder why other companies place profit over ethics or indeed health.

Millies Wolfheart now has 22 dry recipes as well as 8 wet recipes in the UK which are outselling our expectations and the results are truly outstanding. Millies Wolfheart USA is following in their footsteps and is currently developing more recipes for the US market.

Millies Wolfheart UK is now recognized as one of the top-rated British dog food producers.

We are very proud of our highly rated customer service, product knowledge, support, and qualified up to date nutritional advice.