Feeding Guide

1. Millies Wolfheart has a high meat/fish/poultry(all named) content and contains mainly meat/fish/poultry protein as well.

2. Be careful how much you feed and carefully measure the food.

3. Start by following the feeding guidelines and always with the minimal amount for your size of dog as this food is very high quality and packed full of all the nutrients your dog needs. You will find you only have to feed a fraction of what you used to feed your dog with lesser quality food.

4. For best results feed dry, however if your dog prefers add a cup of warm water (tap water will be fine) to the food and let it sit for a couple of minutes, this will allow a gravy to form.

5. Do not be tempted to overfeed your dog, as Millies is very high in quality/meat content you only need to feed small amounts. If you do over feed you will find the dogs stools will become softer and even very loose as the body tries to process the food too quickly. If you are finding the stools are too loose then simply reduce the daily amount you are feeding by at at least 25 % for 4 days to see if the stools start to firm up. In the same respect, if you find the dogs stools are quite small and hard you will want to increase their daily amount slightly and monitor for 4 days. This is how you fine tune and find the perfect daily amount of food for your specific dog. Once they have an even firm stool you have the perfect daily feeding amount. Every dog will vary slightly.

6. For best results we recommend you feed your dog at least twice daily, simply divide the daily feeding amount in half, and you will find your dog not only much happier but the stools will be firmer as well.

7. Do not be put off with Millies as the first day or so you may find the stools to be loose. This is quite normal as the body is simply getting rid of all the poorer quality food already in the dogs system. Should you find their poop is not firming up after several days simply reduce the amount you are feeding (see 5 above).

Also please remember the majority of dog treats on the market tend to be of poor quality and may contain ingredients such as gluten and other problematic ingredients, so eliminate these from the daily diet first.

Millies Wolfheart Feeding Guide


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